Corruption Town MOD APK [v0.3g] Download (Android/PC)

Corruption Town

Corruption Town, a brand-new game from BoredBasmati Games, is available in version 0.4a. The plot of the game is about Agnes and Henry, who are forced to escape their home, arriving in the opulent city of Grimsburg, full with well-meaning men. They will either have to fight their way through this harsh atmosphere or give in to it, with Otto, the Limping Duck’s innkeeper, lending a hand. Corruption Town is a slow-moving, pure corruption game where corruption occurs through pre-written scenes and gameplay.​

Developer BoredBasmati
Version v 0.3g
File Size 350 MB
Language English
OS/Platform Android
Release date 2024-01-02


Agnes and her son Henry, forced to escape their home, arrive in the grand metropolis of Grimsburg, populated with cunning individuals. They will have to navigate this dangerous environment with the aid of Agnes’s brother, Otto the Lame Duck innkeeper, or perish in it. A game about depravity, Corruption Town develops through both gameplay and pre-written scenes.

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