MOS: Last Summer – Final Version 1.0 (Android) Completed

MOS: Last Summer

MOS: Last Summer Walkthrough – Unlock all the Gallery (Scenes, Pictures & Replays) with this walkthrough with the best choices


You play as a young man who begins an independent life full of exciting events. You have had an opulent life; you have never experienced poverty and are cared for by a lovely family. But what is to come…
The game “MOS or The Incredible Adventure of Huge Dick” has been portfed to RenPy. There are two game modes in the game: one with questions and one without. You can access extra bonus images with this version; there are 36 extra images if you select the mode with questions. You will play the same version of the game without access to bonus images if you select the “no questions asked” option. During porting, a lot of fixes were made to images and animations. Most significantly, lagging during the animation’s playback was eliminated when the animations were converted into video files.​

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